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Dmemory, our professional LED projectors designed for work areas.
Reliability, robustness, design. Up to 90% of energy savings.

Select one version

from 10 to 50 W
from 70 to 200 W
Dmemory Slim
from 100 to 200 W

Choose Dmemory's intense light

Up to 21000 Lumen with the 200W version, comparable to the traditional 1500W. All this with IP65 protection degree, corrosion resistance and just 60mm. This is DMemory Advance Slim.

High dissipating power
Heat-pipe technology

Over 105 Lumen/Watt
More than 20.000 switch
Over 80% of saving

Maximum strength

The tempered glass is 3 mm thick and the reflector is in pure aluminum: the perfect recipe for the final projector.