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Home automation at no cost!

Once it was the scene of a science fiction movie to control the bulbs with the voice. Now it’s reality. Through the voice or through the app we can set the brightness and the color tone, program the switching on or off and much more…

Watch the video!

Go Smart range

Filament Bulb
Spot 120°
Spot 38°

Blanca Smart
Accento Smart
Kit Strip really to use
SPOTfive Smart
SPOTfive Smart

Voice control

You can use your voice to ask virtual assistants Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on the light, adjust its color and its brightness. Amazing!

Timer ON / OFF

Adapt your light to your routine. You can set the ignition together with your alarm and turn it off when you leave. You can simulate your presence when you are on vacation, or schedule a night switch-off in the children's room.

Millions of colors

Color is emotion, energy, state of mind. Create the right atmosphere for every occasion thanks to the endless possibilities of choice.

Pure white, high brightness

When light is needed choose white. Up to 800 lumens with a CRI> 85. Set a cool white when you read or study and a warm white for less demanding activities.


Adjust the brightness according to your needs: your home is a dynamic place and light can adapt very well.

Create your groups

Group your Go Smart devices for synchronized control. All the light in your home will be in the palm of your hand!

Wherever you are

You can control and adjust your light both indoors and out. No additional network device (or hub) is needed, just a smartphone and a data connection. Simple isn't it??