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LED filament lamps, with a classic style inspired design, are ideal for replacing conventional incandescent bulbs more efficiently and without sacrificing their beauty.

Ideal for enhancing
and give a touch of elegance.

Homogeneous lighting

Thanks to the 360 ° light diffusion angle you can illuminate all the spaces of the room reducing shadows.

Perfect for a relaxing atmosphere

Ideal for creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. The warm white color temperature favors a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for application in bars, restaurants, hotels and for domestic use in the living room or bedroom.

Over 150 Lumen/Watt
More than 15.000 switch
Over 90% of saving

Effect lighting

Incanto lamps are used in the creation of beautiful appliques or suspensions with a retro style and are very appreciated by the public because they create a warm and welcoming lighting environment. Thanks to these bulbs it is possible to create effect lighting using only bulbs.

360° of light

With the LED filament bulbs there are no dark corners. The light is diffused homogeneously in the environment, creating a luminous effect beyond compare.