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Accento Pro

The possibilities to characterize a domestic or commercial environment are virtually endless thanks to our professional LED strips.

Give your rooms a modern and futuristic touch with the Accènto PRO LED strips.

Fully modular

The 5m coil is divisible into modules and can be joined. It becomes possible to stand out and illuminate any space: from the skirting board to the ceiling, from a wall unit to the stairs.

Over 75 Lumen/Watt
More than 25.000 Switch
CRI >90 Color rendering

Accènto PRO is the future of LED strips

More power, more light, CRI90 for optimal color rendering and the 3M VHB adhesive which provides a superior seal and, together with the double-layer copper PCB, helps to dissipate heat better.

Insert the strips in our PROFILE KITS. Give vent to your imagination.