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Applique with integrated energy-efficient photoelectric solar panel. Equipped with the latest generation SMD LED with high brightness and visual comfort features.

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Arcadia 1.5 W
Arcadia 3.2 W
Arcadia 6.8 W


With a good sun exposure of 4-6 hours during the day, Arcadia ensures a light source throughout the night thanks to an autonomy of 12-16 hours.

Zero dark corners

Thanks to the energy of the sun you can bring light outside where you would not have imagined. Light up the entrance to your home or garage, the garden or any outdoor area. IP65 protection.


Battery consumption is managed optimally thanks to the PIR sensor which sets the maximum power when it detects movement and reduces power after a period of inactivity.

Over 110 Lumen/Watt
More than 12 h of autonomy
Reaches 100% of saving

It is fully charged in 6 hours in conditions of good sun exposure.

It turns on automatically at dusk in low light mode.

When people or things reach the inductive zone of 2-6 meters it automatically switches to the maximum light mode.

After the passage of people or things it automatically returns to the reduced light mode.