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The wide range of WORK series includes projectors for construction sites and work areas, but also for camping or hunting and fishing, or for all outdoor activities.

On battery

Select one version

Mini Work
6 AAA battery
Sirio Work
Free Work

With cable and Schuko plug

Select one version

Free Work
10 o 20 W
Century Work
13 o 32 W
from 30 to 100 W

Do you need to connect to the eletricity grid?

No! Choose the products in the rechargeable battery version to have up to 8h of continuous light.

Great versatility

You can take your spotlight with you wherever you want, thanks to the portability of Miniwork and Safety Car. The latter is also equipped with a powerbank function.

High power

Don't give up on power: choose Rework 100W or Focus 80W to have up to 8000 lumens of performance.

LED projector
Exclusive design