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Sirio Slim

Sirio Slim is the compact and slim projector par excellence. Its 29mm thick, however, should not be deceiving: it is solid and reliable and has a strong heavy aluminum shell to protect it.

Choose the version

Metal Grey
From 20 to 70 W
Metal Grey
From 100 to 200 W
From 20 to 70 W
From 100 to 200 W

High POWER - 300 e 400W

Narrow beam
Medium beam
90° x 150°
Asymmetrical beam
Wide beam

High heat dissipation

The design solves the problem of heat dissipation, ensuring long life for the light source.

High performance

Lots of light with low consumption. Sirio Slim is the perfect projector: slim, powerful, safe. Completely protected from IP66 liquids and IK08 impacts.

Up to 5 optics
Over 115 Lumen/Watt
Up to 400 Watt

No overvoltage problems

The 300W and 400W models are equipped with a 10kV Surge Protection Device (SPD). Prevents damage to the product in the event of strong electrical charges or surges.


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