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Shuttle Slim

Shuttle Slim is the compact and slim projector par excellence. Its 32mm thickness, however, should not be deceiving: it is solid and reliable and has a strong heavy aluminum shell to protect it.

Select one version

With integrated PIR sensor
Integrated panel
Separate panel

Resistant materials

The excellent workmanship of the product guarantees an IP65 degree of protection, making the Shuttle Slim ideal for any outdoor application.

High Power

4 watts available, with a light output ranging from 720 lumens to 3450 and a natural light of 4000K.

Over 70 Lumen/Watt
More than 15.000 switch
Over 90% of saving

Sensor and Solar

Choose the Sensor version to have the convenience of the PIR motion sensor that turns the projector on and off when no one is there.

Opt for the Solar version to install it wherever there is a good sun exposure, without the need for connection to the electricity grid and with an energy saving of 100%.

Shuttle Slim
Ultra-thin projector