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Harmony 95

The Harmony 95 line stands out from the standards for the high quality of light performance thanks to a CRI≥95 that guarantees maximum color rendering.
Forms with a classic design, high color rendering and 90% energy savings.


Maximum brilliance

The CRI enhances the real colors of illuminated objects. This value goes from 0 to 100, if the CRI> 50 has a poor color rendering, if instead it is> 80 it has a good color rendering even if it does not make the colors perfectly real. In fact, for certain uses, such as shop and store lighting, current legislation requires a CRI of over 80.

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Maximum comfort for your eyes

The color with whom an object appears to us, which does not emit its own light, depends both on its way of reflecting light (from which wavelengths it reflects most), and on the light quality that illuminates it. It is therefore essential that the light sources are able to emit a complete spectrum of all the wavelengths visible to the human eye.

Color rendering index

A light source with CRI equal to 0 Ra is a monochromatic light (only one color). With this light source, it is not possible to recognize the color of the illuminated object. It is assumed that CRI equal to 100 Ra is the light of day (sunlight). In this light, the colors of illuminated objects are rendered more naturally.

Over 90 Lumen/Watt
More than 15.000 switch
Over 90% of saving

Bright Light

LED light is an advantageous lighting technology, in fact, this system requires a very low energy quantity to operate, but returns intense and brilliant light.