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Aria Plus

PRO LINE LED lamps are also suitable for professional use.
They replace traditional lamps from 50W to 140W, saving up to 90% energy.
They are available in different color temperatures (cold, warm and natural white light).

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Simply light

The Aria Plus series within its simplicity and elegance gives the home a right atmosphere to make it even more welcoming. The timeless teardrop shape not only makes it pleasant to the eye, but serves to distribute the light emission in a uniform manner.

Range variety

Within this category you will find different models, which you can choose according to your needs, to your personal tastes based on the LED lighting you are looking for. They are perfect for all types of uses thanks to the wide variety of sizes and wattages.

Base E27

The E27 base, together with the E14 base, is considered the standard. The "E" stands for Edison (Tomas Edison) , the one who invented the light bulb in the early 1900s. The number below, in this case "27", refers to millimeters in diameter.

Over 100 Lumen/Watt
More than 15.000 switch
Over 90% of saving

Pro Line

Pro Line products have been designed for professional applications where better performance and durability is required.