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The CENTURY Italia was founded in 1995 and within a decade ranks among the most successful companies in the field of lighting at national and international levels, which produces and distributes the brand CENTURY for energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps and LEDs.

Development and significant growth of the brand over a decade have been consistently supported by a concrete and meaningful response capacity and ability to meet the challenges of a highly competitive and ever-changing.
Today the CENTURY Italia projects into a future full of news, if we think that from the year 2012 will be removed from the market incandescent lamps, to be supplanted in the middle of those compact fluorescent lamps.
Mission for the year 2012 will, therefore, once again increased its product range with new products in line with market demands that are directed towards a constant search for the latest technology and a wide range of technical solutions.

The Team at Your service
Claudio Loggia
General Management
Renzo Barbisan
Business Management
Gianluca Guidotti
Area Manager - SUD Italia
Antonio Canape
Area Manager - Centro Italia
Fabio Rossi
Commercial Service and lighting calculations
Carola Annunziata
Order Management 1
Natascia Milanese
Order Management 2
Paola Gloria
Customer promotion
Raffaella Sordi
Billing Office
Pierguido Laffi
Claudio Poponessi
Technical Support
Chiara Berti
Graphics and marketing
Sabrina Annunziata
Administration Office
Lucia De Blasio
Import/Export Management and Purchase department

Since the beginning of the new technologies of lighting CENTURY Italy is on the market with products designed to achieve maximum levels of efficiency and energy savings in the lighting world.
Key elements of the strategy are the CENTURY Research and Development and the continuous technological updating status on the form and performance of its products.
Innovation, design and development activate CENTURY production with the latest technology, particularly in the realization of indoor and outdoor LED light equipment.
Thanks to a range of high performance products CENTURY Italy established partnership relations with leading Italian and European customers.

Our activities
With facts and not with words:

Always CENTURY is committed to providing the utmost professionalism to suggest the best lighting solutions to all its customers.
Distributed by the company are carefully selected on criteria of quality and reliability, in full compliance with current regulations regarding lighting.

Our activities include a major presence in trade fairs, so as to put our business offerings and explore more closely the latest trends in the field of lighting for household and professional use.

Design & Research

The CENTURY-Italy now boasts one of the widest ranges of LED light bulbs in the European market, the result of continuous research and innovation that led in a short time the company achieve high levels of development in terms of quality of the product . The range CENTURY addition to presenting a range of items from the elegant design, gives customers the freedom to create custom lighting solutions, responding to the canons of visual comfort and aesthetic taste, while ensuring a high savings in terms of actual consumption, positioning actually in Class A.

Packaging and products

The product packaging CENTURY, packed following the most innovative visual impact criteria, it meets the most famous marketing theories impulse purchase that base their principles on color and sensory parameters that guarantee a pleasant and immediate approach to the product . Approach then translated concretely into added value in terms of sales. Especially if the product is placed inside custom displays to mark CENTURY.

Are designed, in fact, modular panels integrable capable of containing by n. to n. bulbs depending on the needs of construction of the point of sale. >>> More

The new technology within the reach of all

    The CRI make the real colours of objects illuminated by the light source appear real.
    This value ranges from 0 to 100, if the CRI>50 you have a poor colour rendering, but if it is >80 you have a good colour rendering despite not making the colours perfectly real. As a matter of fact, in some cases, such as lighting in shops and stores, the existing law directives requires a CRI greater than 80. >>> More

    PRO LINE products have been designed for professional applications where you need a better performance and durability. >>> More

    Driver Intelligent
    Thanks to the use of DRIVER INTELLIGENT (Driver ID) capable of withstanding irregularity of the feed (rush current), the product also provides stability of the luminous flux even with range ranging from 160V to 264V. >>> More